Meredith Hatton

Meredith was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, finding inspiration in vinyasa and power styles of practice. After becoming 200-hour certified in 2015, her journey has moved towards a yin-focused practice, concentrating on meditation and energy work.  Meredith has been teaching yoga on land and the water for 2 years in San Diego. She is SUP certified as well as vinyasa and yin yoga.  She has also recently become a Reiki 2 practitioner. Meredith loves to melt into postures that support a mindful practice. You are likely to find her cruising around the beach area on her bike or paddling around Mission Bay any given day. An East Coast native, Meredith has made San Diego her home for the past 6 years and can not wait to share her passion with you all!

Brittany Griffiths

San Diego native Brittany Griffiths first encountered yoga while in college. It was specifically during a life changing study abroad experience in India back in 2011, when her yoga journey truly began. It was in India where she realized that her relationship with yoga extended far beyond Asana, the physical practice.  Brittany began to recognize a total shift in her thinking, completely changing her way of life.

In 2014 Brittany traveled back to India and completed a 200 hour residential teacher training course at Rishikesh Yog Peeth Ashram, located in the foothills of the Himalaya. Following her graduation, Brittany continued backpacking throughout South East Asia, learning, teaching and cultivating her practice along the way. Since returning to the states in 2015, she has continued to teach a variety of classes including Hatha, Vinyasa and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. Her classes are designed not only to strengthen, but to open, expand and relax both the body/mind. 



Paige Torres

Paige has been practicing yoga for over four years and has been teaching for two of those years. She was first drawn to yoga for the many physical benefits, such as building strength and becoming more flexible. This  really helped to relieve the chronic back pain she had been experiencing for years. She later found that it also helped greatly in reducing stress and it made her all around a happier person! She offers many modifications and different variations of poses making her yoga classes accessible and enjoyable for all yogis. She enjoys crafting different sequences and playing around with unique transitions to keep her flows fresh and fun! 


Odessa Wilson

Odessa teaches Vinyasa, yin and Wall Yoga at Mission Beach Yoga. She also leads a Sacred Women’s Circle. She loves spreading good vibes and helping everyone find inner strength. Becoming a yogi at sixteen years-old, the practice helped heal injuries, improved her mobility, and fostered both physical strength and resilience. While traveling, she was inspired to teach vinyasa and Yin. Upon returning to San Diego, she completed a 200-hr Vinyasa teaching certification. Her teaching style is dynamic; she asks her students how they feel and adjusts her sequences. While not in the studio, she enjoys surfing and walking her cute dogs, Charlie and Daisy. She loves traveling-- recently visited SE Asia and lived in Costa Rica. She wants to inspire you take small steps, big jumps and ultimately fly with ease through our world!

coryna pido best yoga teacher alive!!

Coryna Pido

I grew up traveling in a military family, where adaptability became second nature to me. However growing up nomadically also took me away from my family roots.

Being separated from my ancestry has driven me deep into a journey of self discovery and ancestral healing.

Becoming a mom at an early age served to push me on a journey further inward, not only for myself but for the children of this earth.

And though I know I have been practicing Yoga all my life, in one way or another, it wasn’t until 2014 that I took my first Yoga class. I was going through a deep break up at the time and I channeled all of the suffering that comes from loss into my Yoga practice. I practiced diligently and with all my heart. Six months after I began my practice one of my teachers encouraged me to sign up for teacher training, and I have been practicing teaching Yoga ever since.

Teaching Yoga is more than a job to me, it is my passion, it is my life’s work, it is my dharma.

Within my classes I always incorporate meditation, often a Vipassana style meditation, as well as self-love mantra, poetry, and breath work. I guide my classes with the intention of cultivating a deeper understanding of our bodies and they way they move with our breath. Because every body is different my classes serve to create a safe space for the student to move in the way that works best for their body. My classes are also always set to a super rad and moving sound track and tend to end with crystal bowl sound healing. The styles I teach include Yin, Restorative, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Aerial.


Amanda LaLonde

Originally from Northern California, Amanda first discovered and began practicing yoga in 2011. She immediately fell in love with the deep and dynamic layers of the practice. Now certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, SUP, and Yin Yoga she enjoys sharing her continuous yoga journey with her students. With a BS in Kinesiology, she is familiar with the physical body and how yoga truly influences our overall wellbeing. She believes yoga is a powerful ongoing practice to rediscover our true divinity and essence. OM.  


Christina Chambers

My own yoga journey began 15 years ago, by chance on a surf trip in Costa Rica, I tried a class on the beach.  Having an athletic competitive background in boxing & dancing I went in full force. I was hooked. I was amazed at how yoga changed my mind & spirit as much as it did my body! My whole life I had been looking for something, growing up on a sailboat in Central America with my free spirited parents we where always in search of something , different culture, new place, an adventure. Yoga was exactly what I had been looking for. It has taught me to slow down & taste the moment. Through our practice we develop an intimate  relationship with body, mind , & spirit. It can be whatever you want or need it to be at that moment. My goal is to encourage & guide my students to find their own connection with their practice on & off their mat. By nurturing ourselves with breath, movement & meditation we are better equipped to have patience in our daily lives. The shift in my life is undeniable. Every moment tastes sweeter, join me on your mat & taste the moment!!!!


Drew Valentine

Drew began his yoga practice seven years ago by finding relief from injuries sustained in sports.  He quickly came to appreciate the way yoga could become a way to lead a healthy and spiritual fulfilling lifestyle.  Wanting to share the benefits of yoga, he started instructing at Chico State while studying exercise physiology and psychology.  He later completed his Teacher Training at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara as a student under Ganga White and has been teaching for over 3 years. His classes are centered towards cultivating awareness and balance within the body and mind.


Michelle Kavieff

Life changed for Michelle Kavieff the day she first arrived on her yoga mat. So drawn to the mindful and healing practice of yoga, Michelle embarked on a journey of tself-discovery, transformation and empowerment that has led her to become a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal and Sound Healer as well as a Yoga Instructor. She enjoys creating her own blend of modalities that have been well received by her clients who continue to enjoy her classes, workshops and healing sessions.

Michelle’s Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes are such a profound way to nurture your entire being; mind-body-soul. She believes firmly in the power of the present moment and always encourages her students to tap in to that magical space where anything is possible. Students leave class feeling peaceful , relaxed and maybe with a new perspective to take with them off the mat.