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Foundations of Yoga Series - (4 of 5: Core/Shoulder Strengthening)


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Whether you are new to yoga or simply want to refine your personal practice and return to the "beginners mind", this five week series is for you! This special series of classes offers participants a fun, welcoming and encouraging environment for everyone to safely explore the fundamental Asanas (poses) found in most yoga classes.

This series will help you develop a foundational understanding of basic yoga poses and breathing techniques, how and why they are of transformational benefit to your body and mind and how to access them safely. This series is designed to leave you feeling empowered to attend group classes with confidence in your own ability to safely modify or ramp up the practice according to your own personal needs and goals. Each week the instructor will introduce a new series of poses, teach you the fundamentals of healthy and safe alignment and connect the poses to the breath guiding you through moving meditation.

Topics that you will explore more deeply:

  • Sun Salutations A/B 

  • Basic Standing/Seated Postures

  • Twists and Backbends

  • Core/Arm Balances/Inversions 

  • Breathing/Meditation 

  • Modifications/How to use props

  • Terminology in both Sanskrit/English 

While drop ins are allowed, we highly encourage you to register for the full five week series to enhance your absorption of the material. All you need to bring is yourself along with a positive attitude and desire to learn. We've got you covered with a mat or you can bring your own. We look forward to flowing and growing with you each and every day here at Mission Beach Yoga, on and off the mat. 

Series Schedule

While you are not required to take every class in the series, it is greatly encouraged!

  • 3/2 Introduction to Vinyasa: Connecting Breath to Movement

    • Break down Sun Salutation A/B: How to modify/use props

    • Review basic alignment principles

    • English/Sanskrit Terminology

  • 3/9 Review Sun Salutation A/B

    • Introduce/refine basic standing/seated postures used in most classes

    • How to modify/use props

    • Review basic alignment/breathing principles

    • English/Sanskrit Terminology

  • 3/16 Introduce/Refine Basic Twists/Backbends found in most classes

    • How to modify/use props

    • Review basic alignment/breathing principles 

    • English/Sanskrit Terminology

  • 3/23  Core/Shoulder Strengthening

    • Introduction to basic arm balances/inversions, lets play! 

    • How to modify/use props

    • Review basic alignment/breathing principles 

    • English Sanskrit Terminology

  • 3/30  Time to flow!

    • Let's combine everything that we have learned throughout the series and piece it all together. This will be a fun, invigorating and energizing 75 minute Vinyasa flow utilizing your newfound knowledge and understanding of yogic breathing, correct alignment and modifications/use of props to meet your bodies particular wants and needs.