mission beach yoga is the only yoga studio in the mission beach, san diego area. we provide yoga of the elements: land, sea, and air.


We’ve worked hard to create an eclectic team of talented, healing individuals to help you grow your physical yoga practice and your spiritual exploration as we strive for inner peace, growth, and transformation.



at Mission Beach Yoga



Meredith was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, finding inspiration in Vinyasa and power styles of practice. After becoming 200-hour certified in 2015, her journey has moved towards a yin-focused practice, concentrating on meditation and energy work. Meredith has been teaching yoga on land and the water for 2 years in San Diego. She is SUP certified as well as vinyasa and yin yoga. She has also recently become a Reiki 2 practitioner. Meredith loves to melt into postures that support a mindful practice. You are likely to find her cruising around the beach area on her bike or paddling around Mission Bay any given day. An East Coast native, Meredith has made San Diego her home for the past 6 years and can not wait to share her passion with you all!



Brittany Griffiths is a San Diego native who’s yoga journey began in 2011 during a life changing study abroad experience in India. After returning to the states, Brittany felt called back to India in 2014, where she completed a residential 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, located in the foothills of the Himalaya. Her personal practice and teaching style is highly influenced by her relationship with nature and the unique ways in which she connects to the Earth. As an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, her practice has evolved into a mindful, moving meditation. In her classes, students can expect creative movement with elements of power, strength, and connection to the breath to foster meditative movement. Brittany creates a warm and welcoming environment for her students to safely + comfortably explore their bodies more deeply, encouraging each student to tap into their inner fire, move with intention - guided by love.



Kinnie Dye is a professional musician. After years of playing live music in yoga classes she decided to become an instructor. Today she has found a way to interweave her passion for music with her love of yoga. She enjoys adding a live musical element to all her classes. Join her to gently move and soundly breathe your way into a calmer day. Kinnie has two, 200 hr RYT Certificates in Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. She is also certified in Yin and SUP yoga.



Karoline is certified in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Instruction (RYT - 200HR) and (160HR) mentoring program. She was born and raised in Brazil, where she concluded her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and operated a small consulting company. She had her first connection with the field of wellness by discovering a Lapiz Lazuli Crystal on one of her trips inside Brazil. She was intrigued by the power of the energy shift she felt when in its presence. Falling in love with this new world she began to study metaphysics and healing through varieties of wellness methods and practices. She was introduced to the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Massage and Health Routines and it Benefits, which allowed her to better understand her energetic self, improving body, mind & spirit capabilities. She had found what makes her heart beat, my body fit and soul glow! She enjoys teaching with her heart, cultivating a safe, fun, friendly, energetic environment in my classes.

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Originally from Northern California, Amanda first discovered and began practicing yoga in 2011. She immediately fell in love with the deep and dynamic layers of the practice. Now certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, SUP, and Yin Yoga she enjoys sharing her continuous yoga journey with her students. With a BS in Kinesiology, she is familiar with the physical body and how yoga truly influences our overall well being. She believes yoga is a powerful ongoing practice to rediscover our true divinity and essence. OM.



Martyn stumbled across his first yoga class in Bali, Indonesia. He was immediately intrigued about the transformational power of Yoga and decided to expand his knowledge. He practiced across several countries and learned from various multicultural teachers finishing his RYT-200 from Prana Yoga Center under Gerhard Gessner. He strives in his practice to supply students with tools to release stress, build concentration and physical strength. When not doing yoga, he can be found rock climbing in the mountains, riding waves in La Jolla or finding new exotic countries to travel to.



Drew began his yoga practice seven years ago by finding relief from injuries sustained in sports. He quickly came to appreciate the way yoga could become a way to lead a healthy and spiritual fulfilling lifestyle. Wanting to share the benefits of yoga, he started instructing at Chico State while studying exercise physiology and psychology. He later completed his Teacher Training at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara as a student under Ganga White and has been teaching for over 3 years. His classes are centered towards cultivating awareness and balance within the body and mind.



Jessica discovered yoga 6 years ago on her weight loss journey, she has lost 70 lbs on her own through all forms of exercise. Yoga became a way to stretch and incorporate body weight training into her routine and over time discovered all the other wonderful benefits to the practice. She discovered she was less anxious, less stressed and more flexible, not just physically but mentally. Soon she was sharing her passion with her friends and family and wanted to teach people all about the benefits of yoga. She received her 200 hr teacher training in April 2017 for vinyasa and will be receiving her yin training in December 2018. She is an east coast native but has called San Diego home for 7 years.

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Hi! I’m Alyssa. I started practicing yoga about decade ago and fell in love with the practice. Immediately, I was enamored with the mind-body connection on an intellectual level and became the subject of my own study. My furious self-inquiry led me to understanding my past traumas and limiting beliefs. Sometimes you go through times when you feel like you’re not doing it right, you’re not enough, and mediation has taught me to observe all that chatter that goes on in the mind and fully experience the emotions, then be intentional about what move to make next. When I need to work stuff out, I go to my mat for clarity.

Yoga has been a primary part of my journey for getting to know myself better and facilitate self-healing. My purpose is to hold space for all humans to feel, be and experience themselves as perfectly whole no matter what they bring to the mat. I often incorporate guided meditation, self-compassion practices, and time for reflection. You can find me teaching the Meditate + Flow classes and facilitating monthly women’s gatherings at Mission Beach Yoga.

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Dan Kim’s journey into Yoga and Tai Chi began with daily yoga practice in 2002. In 2006 she encountered a fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Qong called Integral Tai Chi (ITC). A year later she certified under Master Hang Truong, a Buddhist monk, and began instructing. By 2010 she was travelling to various ITC centers around the world to certify other instructors. During this time, Kim was motivated to deepen her knowledge of yoga to better serve the students. She apprenticed under Robert Boustany from 2012 to 2016, and acquired the 200-hr RYT certification in Pralaya Yoga. Pralaya is a style that incorporates muscle balance, alignment techniques and the safe extremes of functional flexibility into the yoga practice. Her classes place strong emphasis on syncing breath with the movements to elevate energy. Kim’s joy and heartbeat now comes from her vow to share Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation with others to find harmony between mind, body, and soul.



Nicolette began her consistent mat yoga practice in the summer of 2014. Admittedly, her first few yoga experiences from the past didn't leave her wanting more. It was an open mind and a need for stretching out sore muscles after working out in other avenues that led her back into a studio. Since then, her love for yoga began to manifest…

In late 2015, she expanded her spiritual practice from off the mat and into the sky with aerial yoga. She loved it so much that she decided to complete her aerial yoga teaching certification with Galaxy Lifestyle in 2016. She has since evolved her practice into one that promotes experiencing life fully and presently through all 5 senses; a truly sensual experience all around! She lives and encourages embodied ways of being by welcoming intuitive movement, sound, breath, and awareness into everyday practices, and weaves those principles into her teachings as well.



Teresa began her love of movement in 2002 when she discovered ballroom dance. She was a professional dancer, competitor and teacher for he next 13 years in Sacramento and Dan Diego. After meeting her husband she moved to New York where she discovered yoga. Falling in love with this healing, meditative movement, yoga became more than the asanas, but a way of life. Teresa received her 200 hour training through Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio in 2017. She aims to bring her love of yoga to her classes by creating a safe space for mindful movement, awareness and positivity.